Gmail Completed 15 Years with New Features

It was on April 1, exactly 15 years ago, that Google had launched its web-based email client Gmail. The development was real and not a joke as April 1 is usually thought to be by being Fool’s Day. By launching its most successful product till date Google had in fact had demonstrated that it doesn’t joke with its users.

Now to mark its 15th anniversary Gmail has added some new, useful features for better user experience than before. The Gmail team has brought significant improvements to Smart Compose and email scheduling.

Gmail Completed 15 Years with New Features

Smart Compose

Smart Compose has been made more interactive. Smart Compose, which auto completes emails as typed by the users, will now adapt to the way the greetings in emails are written. If the user prefers “Hey” over “Hi” then Smart Compose will learn that. The users will now get some relief too in writing the subject line to their emails, which was rather difficult for some of them. A subject line will now be suggested by Smart Compose based on the content of email.

Smart Compose will now be available on all android devices. Moreover, Smart Compose will be available to users writing email in four new languages, which includes Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish.

Email Scheduling

The most useful feature Email scheduling has also been introduced by the Gmail team and is likely to receive the most attention from the users. The “Send” button will now include a drop-down menu allowing the user to schedule an email to be sent at a later time. The third-party services was until now required for doing this, but this feature has now been directly integrated into Gmail itself.

Google has said that the new feature is being positioned as a digital wellness tool. Jacob Bank, Director of Product Management, G Suite, said that it is quite understandable that the work can often extend over to non-business hours, and everyone’s downtown should be taken into consideration. Email scheduling has therefore been introduced to respect everyone’s digital wee-being.

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