In this digital age businesses have a great scope to flourish tremendously. This however depends on how effectively you are using your communication and marketing tools.

Businesses are increasingly adopting various tools, and email is one of the most important. The major challenge for the entire business community is boosting email open rates.

This is indeed concerning in the present times because if the emails are not opened at all or the opening rate is lower than email marketing campaigns will prove to be completely ineffective. There is a paramount need therefore to significantly increase open rates and improve email marketing performance.

Here are some of the best ways on how to get higher email open rates.

  1. Email your subscribers consistently

It is important to always keep your subscribers/customers updated, no matter whether they are high spending or an occasional buyer. You must therefore email them consistently and make sure that your list is always fresh and doesn’t go stale. There might be some subscribers who don’t pay heed to whatever you send or not interested in your product at all. Keep revising your list of subscribers and remove inactive ones from time to time. Subscriber’s engagement is of paramount importance and the best bet to grow your business. You may also think of reviving a cold list by conducting a survey.

  1. Make emails relevant by segmenting the list

The decision of customers to open an email or not depends on several factors. Before opening an email its relevance is first of all assessed. They will probably open an email if they find it relevant. It will therefore be a prudent to segment your email list so that the relevancy of your emails are subsequently increased. This can be done by adding tags based on customer’s interest. According to a recent study, the marketers who segmented their email list reported higher rate of success in email opening rates.

  1. Avoid your emails from being flagged as spam

For past many years it is being seen that spam filters have become more sophisticated, but they aren’t perfect still. The fear very much remains your emails sometimes landing in the spam folder, which is dreadful indeed as they won’t be able to see the light of day and not opened at all. The success rate of your email marketing campaign solely lies in getting emails avoided from being flagged as spam. The best way is to avoid excessive use of “sales” language such as using words like ‘buy’, ‘discount’, ‘cash’ or ‘clearance’, which are trigger words for being marked as spam.

  1. Perfect Timing is impactful

Timing is a vital factor in deciding a course of action. This is as much true with your emails. Perfect timing makes a huge impact and will prompt your customers to open the email or not. Before sending your emails a careful and serious thinking is necessary regarding the time and day when emails are to be sent. If however you are not able to decide what is the perfect time for sending out emails then you should perform some tests and adopt the best results during your future email marketing campaigns.

  1. Subject Lines should be conversational, enticing and curious

Subject lines are important to decide to decide whether to open email or not. They are crucial and should stand out. Avoid using common subject lines. Try to be creative and see how your customers respond. Great subject lines should be conversational, enticing and curious.

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