Email marketing is far from dead! It has become vital in today’s online world to grow relationships with customers and empower your business in cost-effective way. DigiAds 360 as a leading email marketing agency is here to help you manage more than just your email marketing campaign. We offer a wide range of solutions to fuel your email marketing efforts and help grow your business. With the help of our high-integrity, results-driven email marketing services we look forward to winning your trust through our sincere efforts in proving great work for your business.

Why spend more when we are ready to offer our email marketing services that fit your budget while simultaneously lowering your costs. Ours is a premier email marketing agency with several years of experience and have expertise in generating results that you have always wanted to see. We send millions of emails every year helping our users to directly contact your business for a fraction of the usual cost.

Let DigiAds 360 help you out in reaching your customers directly with its highly efficient, targeted email marketing campaigns so that it brings rich dividends to your business. We are here to offer you better insight through real time reporting which helps you in evaluating your campaign performance easily see how your newsletters bring success in real time. We maintain a robust Email Marketing services portfolio. We are happy to offer you Email Marketing Strategy, Develop Lead Magnets, Website Call-to-Actions, Advertising Campaigns, Email Newsletters, Email List Maintenance, Email Marketing Reporting and Email Marketing Software.


There are several types of email marketing. Some of the prominent ones include Newsletters, Plain-Text Emails, Milestone Emails, Transactional, Lead Nurturing, Standalone Emails and Mobile Optimized Emails. Apart from these, different types of email campaigns include Welcome Email Series, Connect-via-Social campaign, Post-Purchase Drip, Triggered Email Series, Seasonal campaign, Standard Promotional campaign and Abandoned Cart Series.

What is an email marketing strategy?

An email marketing strategy is an effective way of reaching existing and prospective customers through direct electronic mail. The written communication in an email is directly targeted at clearly defined audience/consumers/customers for the promotion of products and services that might be useful for them. Emails are cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers and reaching business goals.

How do you create an email marketing campaign?

An effective email marketing campaign can be created by choosing email marketing tools, identifying target audience, choosing list-building tactics, creating email list segments, creating email sending schedule, deciding the types of emails to be sent, formatting email content, defining email marketing goals and measuring the results. Before creating an impacting email marketing campaign it is quite important to know the audience and how to make use of the technology wisely.

What are the best email marketing services?

Some of the best email marketing services for your business include Constant Contact, Benchmark, MoonMail, MailChimp, Sendinblue, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, AWeber, ConvertKit and Drip. Apart from these few prominent ones there are many more on the Internet which you need to find out after conducting your own research.

What is email marketing and how does it work?

Email marketing is a flexible, fast and cost-effective way or reaching out to existing and prospective customers to showcase products and services that might be useful to them. Email marketing also allows creating targeted and personalized messages, and helping retain existing customers. Email marketing works to successfully increase brand awareness by utilizing targeted content smart design and strategic planning. It creates highly personalized content and tracking user engagement. Its greatest advantage is the return on investment as it is more cost efficient.

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