Businesses are taking to social networking at a fast pace. They are trying to apply every trick of the trade to attract clients and boost their earnings. And, it is here that the role of social networking comes to the fore. One such important social media tool is Instagram which helps you to connect with the people fast and strengthen one-on-one interaction. It is also through effective Instagram marketing that businesses will be able to prosper manifold.

If your business has taken up Instagram marketing quite aggressively then the only concern is how to get followers on Instagram fast, increase your client base and achieve success. The palpable excitement as to you are able to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account will always remain in order to make your business flourish.

If your account through effective technique of Instagram marketing manages to get at least 10,000 followers at the start itself then there’s nothing like that. But this is rather difficult to get during the first six months. Here are the best ways on how to get real Instagram followers fast.

  1. Consider joining Instagram Engagement Groups

Have you just started to learn the best ways of getting Instagram followers? This is absolutely the perfect tactic for Instagram newbies, who after learning the basics are successful in increasing Instagram followers real fast. Do you know that increasing the number of followers depend on how many Instagram Engagement Groups you have joined? Of course, this is a fact. You should also adopt this tactic to see an increase in the followers to your Instagram account. If you continue sticking to your niche, whether it is travel, fashion, healthcare, lifestyle etc, then getting a more targeted list of Instagram followers is easy.

  1. Re-posting other People’s Content is important

Whenever you are creating Instagram account of your company/business, it is important to have a robust posting strategy. It will be good for you to repost other people’s content. As such you need to every time give credit to the original poster of the content in your description which you have reposted. By doing so you will avoid being flagged. However, before reposting you will be required to seek permission from Instagram according to its new updated policy.

  1. Promote your Instagram account on Buzzfeed

The huge audience needs to be effectively tapped, and you need to find out a way for this in order to boost your Instagram followers. Buzzfeed embeds Instagram posts in their content more than others. This will enable you to evolve as an Instagram influencer and grow your brand. Buzzfeed also has a Community section which allows content to be posted by anyone onto their platform to get visibility. Apart from this, a tool called HARO can also be used where emails will be sent by reporters thrice daily requesting for content and expert quote for their stories. This will be highly beneficial for you to build your brand.

  1. Increase social proof by requesting sharing of photos by customers

It will be a lot easier for you to embed customer photos in your feed. This will particularly help those who have started out in getting followers for your Instagram account. Your social proof will also be increased in this way. You may also take help from influencers with under 5,000 followers in your niche for reaching out to the customers. The influencers might just be ready to take their pictures along with your product in the hope of monetizing their own accounts by accepting low rates. Offering affiliate deals to influencers is yet another way to grow your business by offering them a commission on every sale scored with their customer referral link. When more customers will start seeing the photos of other customers on your Instagram account they will start tagging you in their post after receiving their products.

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